A Vampyre Story comes into Focus

News of out Germany today will be welcomed by adventure fans in the UK, France, and the Benelux countries, as a distribution partner has been announced for the highly-anticipated A Vampyre Story. Although word of the agreement has been circulating for several weeks now, Crimson Cow has officially revealed that Focus Home International will be handling publishing in those territories.

Focus is no stranger to the genre, of course, being the international publisher for the high-profile current titles Runaway 2 and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, so this agreement represents a significant step for the game.

In case you've been sleeping upside down in a cave for the last couple years, AVS is the debut adventure of Autumn Moon, a studio founded by former LucasArts developers. Having survived one failed publishing deal, the worldwide rights were finally picked up by Crimson Cow and the game is now in full production. Players should get a chance to sink their teeth into A Vampyre Story at the end of this year.

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