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Sam & Max: Episode 2 unleashed

Sam & Max are ready to captivate worldwide audiences once again, as the second episode of season one is now available for download.

Available only to GameTap subscribers for the last two weeks, Situation: Comedy can now be downloaded from Telltale's website. As with the first episode, the game is offered either for individual purchase at $8.95 USD, or as part of a full season (six episodes in total) pre-order for $34.95. Those purchasing the single episode or trying the free demo can download the new episode directly. For those who have already purchased the season package, Telltale has posted specific activation instructions to guide players though the process of unlocking the new episode.

In Episode 2, the freelance police must take their act down to the local television studio, where a renowned talk show host has taken her audience hostage. But before Sam & Max can get in, first they'll need to prove themselves worthy of their fifteen minutes of fame. If you guessed that hijinx ensue, you'd be right.

For more information about Situation: Comedy, be sure to check out our recent review.

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