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The Blackwell Legacy, Super Jazz Man released

Acclaimed freeware developers Herculean Effort (of Apprentice fame) and Dave Gilbert (The Shivah, Two of a Kind) have both just released commercial AGS-made games:

Herculean Effort's Super Jazz Man follows in the footsteps of The Adventures of Fatman and puts you in a superhero's shoes. Longer than either Apprentice game and set in "nostalgic low-color graphics", Super Jazz Man has four possible endings and will set you back $8.95 USD.

Dave Gilbert's Wadjet Eye Games have released The Blackwell Legacy, a complete, longer reworking of Gilbert's old Bestowers of Eternity game. Playing feisty Rosangela Blackwell, you find that there are skeletons in your family's closet and ghosts in the parks of Manhattan. The Blackwell Legacy costs $14.99 USD.

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