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Got Game to publish Penumbra: Overture

Got Game Entertainment offered some welcome news for horror fans today with the announcement that it will be publishing the first episode of Penumbra: Overture in North America in March 2007.

The first-person, direct control title from Frictional Games, Penumbra: Overture is a planned three-part adventure with some elements of survival horror. Players assume the role of a man named Philip, who receives a letter from his dead, estranged father following the death of his mother. The letter implores him to burn a book in his possession, but instead Philip follows the notes in the book to Greenland. Once there, he's caught in a snowstorm and his only means of escape is to enter a mysterious metal hatch, which may just prove deadlier than the weather.

Using a combination of keyboard and mouse, players must solve puzzles and avoid danger using mostly their wits, an inventory, and real-time physics. With its advanced physics technology, Overture enables (and requires) the player to interact with the environment directly, including such things as opening and closing doors, and picking up and moving a variety of objects. With limited weapons available, combat is only ever a last resort, and players must find other means of staying alive.

Although not taken directly from Overture, a playable technology demo of Penumbra is available from the official website.

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