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Tunguska patch felt ‘round the world

Following the recent release of a German language patch for Secret Files: Tunguska, publisher Deep Silver has now released an international version. The new patch is offered in one download, and updates the game to version 1.02 for releases in the UK, Italy, France, Poland and North America.

The download is a sizable one at 240 MB, but as with the German version before it, several entirely new features are included. Along with an assortment of technical fixes, the patch offers an alternative ending to the original, including a movie-style "what happened to..." summary of the game's characters. For those who have already played or started the game, it is not necessary to replay the game to see it, as loading an existing save will allow access to the new ending. Another new feature provided in the patch is a cutscene viewer, available to players after completing the game and the final credits have rolled.

The new patch can be found at Deep Silver's official download page.

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