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Surf’s up for Nancy Drew

The tireless Nancy Drew is away on her 15th PC adventure, as Her Interactive announced that The Creature of Kapu Cave has now shipped to retailers across North America.

The new adventure in the popular series lands Nancy in Hawaii as a research assistant for entomologist Dr. Quigley Kim. At least, that's the plan until she arrives to discover the scientist missing and the island beset by a series of misfortunes. Both circumstances are attributed to the return of Kane 'Okala, the legendary disfigured man who survived to seek revenge on the islanders for making him a human sacrifice to the local volcano long ago.

This time around, Nancy will be joined by Frank and Joe Hardy, and players will get to control all three characters during the game. The Hardy Boys first appeared in last year's Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, but their role in the new game is much more substantial, and players will need the skills and clues gathered by each to solve the secrets of the forbidden (or "Kapu") cave.

Meanwhile, following the success of Last Train as a downloadable offering on Big Fish Games earlier this year, Her Interactive has now released this summer's Danger by Design on the popular casual game portal. The 840 MB download retails for the same price as the boxed version available in stores.

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