Time Stand Still starts moving

MDNA Games, the independent Swedish developer, announced today that Time Stand Still: A Carol Reed Mystery is now shipping.

Time Stand Still is the third adventure starring Reed, the twenty-something amateur detective. Like its predecessors, Remedy and Hope Springs Eternal, the new game is a first-person, point-and-click slideshow adventure that features a distinct watercolour graphic effect.

This time around, Carol must sleuth her way through "a complicated chain of events which go all the way back to World War II, involving a 60 year old unsolved murder, secret love, and characters long forgotten by history, but not by fate."

The new game can be ordered directly from the official website for $18.00 USD, a total that includes worldwide shipping. The site also offers a playable demo for those who prefer to try before they buy.

Details on Time Stand Still - A Carol Reed Mystery

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