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Three new adventure websites launched

Adventure game web designers have been busy of late, as no less than three new websites have been unveiled recently.

First up is the official site for The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy, known unofficially as "Atlantis 5". The new site gives a nice overview of the stylish new 1930s-era adventure from the makers of Atlantis Evolution. Like the previous games in the so-called series that began with Cryo, the new game has no real connection to its predecessors, focusing on an entirely new story relating to the legendary city.

Sherlock Holmes has also emerged on the scene with a site for his upcoming adventure, The Awakened. The third Holmes mystery by Frogwares, The Awakened will be in full 3D and promises a much darker theme and atmosphere than the previous titles, as this time Holmes must confront the disciples of none other than Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

Not to be outdone by legend and myth, the Christian Church is front and center in Belief & Betrayal, the conspiracy thriller from Artematica. Starring journalist Jonathan Danter, players will travel to London, France, Venice, and of course the Vatican itself to unravel "an apparent conspiracy that is hiding unbelievable details on the inner workings of the church."

Along with the usual selection of background information, artwork, and trailers, the Belief & Betrayal site also includes an interactive component, rewarding sleuths with hidden doorways to unlock. This should help pass the time before the game's worldwide release, which has now slipped into early 2007.


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