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Hello, mom?  Thanks for calling, but I’m in Syberia

Mobile games producer TetraEdge announced today that Syberia is now available for PocketPC. Yes, if you thought Kate Walker's mobile phone in Benoit Sokal's Syberia was the best or worst feature of the game, now you can revel in the irony that incoming calls can interrupt your Syberian adventure.

TetraEdge has previously been responsible for successful ports of titles like Atlantis Redux and Return to Mysterious Island, so they're no strangers at bringing classic adventures to mobile devices.

The game is available for various versions of PocketPC (no you don't really have to have phone capabilities) and PocketPC Phone Windows Mobile, supporting both QVGA and VGA. Minimum requirements include 24 MB program memory and 280 MB storage memory.

Syberia for Pocket PC is currently available at PocketGear.

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