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Secret Files: Tunguska demo released

Following the release of a German demo a short while ago, publisher Deep Silver recently announced the release of the English version for its upcoming adventure, Secret Files: Tunguska.

The demo takes place early in the game, as game's female protagonist, Nina Kalenkov, discovers that her father has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As she begins to investigate, she soon discovers a connection with the mysterious events of the early 1900s, when an explosion created an unprecedented amount of destruction in the Siberian forest, popularly attributed to a fallen meteor.

In this traditional point-and-click, third-person adventure due out later this month, players will control both Nina and a second playable character as they follow a trail that conceals the real truth about the Tunguska mystery.

The demo is approximately 600 MB, and can be downloaded here. Click the link in the left hand column to begin.

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