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SAFECRACKER turns up gold

News of gold should be tempting to any safecracker, but the real treasure is yet to come, as today The Adventure Company announced its slightly-renamed SAFECRACKER: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure has reached gold status in North America.

A spiritual successor to the 1997 release of Safecracker, the new game casts players in the roll of "an expert safecracker hired by the wealthy family of recently deceased billionaire, Duncan W. Adams. As an avid safe collector, this 'eccentric' billionaire has hidden the deed to his riches in one of 35 extraordinary safes."

The first-person, point and click game focuses mainly on puzzle solving, but will also require careful exploration of the mansion for clues to cracking each safe. Developed by Kheops Studio, the game contains 30 different rooms, which will be easy to navigate thanks to the evolving game map. Progress through the game will be somewhat non-linear, though some safes contain clues necessary to open others. Puzzles will vary in difficulty, but the in-game hint system should help with the more challenging obstacles.

There is no specific release date available for the game yet, but with the game ready for duplication, it should be on store shelves soon.

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