A Vampyre Story resurrected

Comic adventure finds a new worldwide publisher

It's been a long time coming, but there's good news at last for anxious fans of Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story. The developer announced today that it has signed a publisher agreement to bring the comic adventure to PC.

Although AME is keeping the identity of the publisher quiet for now, CEO Bill Tiller has confirmed that the new publisher has worldwide rights to the game, and the funding allows the team to begin full-time production. The small California-based developer plans to increase staff in the coming months to accommodate the increased workload.

Autumn Moon has been down this road with AVS before, of course, having experienced a much-publicized relationship with upstart German publisher bad brain entertainment before finally parting company over a year ago. The long wait since then had cast doubt about whether we'd ever see the game come to light, but Tiller expressed confidence and enthusiasm about AME's new partners going forward.

There's still a while to wait for fans, however, as the game is only in the final stages of pre-production, with a general target date of late next year.

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