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Spotlight shines on Everlight announcement

A new German publisher named The Games Company will include an adventure as part of its 2006 lineup, as the company recently announced Everlight -- Candles, Fairies and a Wish.

Based on the German-only announcement made on the publisher's website, Everlight will feature a main character named Melvin, whose dreams of being a powerful knight or sorcerer in his imaginary fantasy world make him an outsider at school, teased by other children. But when Melvin discovers a peculiar candle, he is suddenly thrown into an exciting adventure of magic and time travel. The game promises to feature creative puzzles and an intuitive interface to go with its detailed graphics and over twenty unique characters.

The Games Company has confirmed that they plan to release the game worldwide, but no details are available about international releases at this time. The German release of the game is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2006.

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