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Secrets of Da Vinci exposed in North America

If you've been waiting for a "Da Vinci game" that's actually about the famous artist, scientist, and inventor, the wait is now over, as Tri-Synergy announced recently that The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript has shipped to retailers across North America.

No relation to Dan Brown's modern day conspiracy thriller, Secrets of Da Vinci is a historical adventure from Kheops and several partnering studios. In what is described as a "thrilling mystical quest into the heart of the Renaissance", players assume the role of Valdo, a young man asked by mysterious patron to locate a missing codex left behind by Leonardo in his last residence after his death. Visiting the Manoir du Cloux, Valdo must "solve a series of enigmas devised by the great master himself if Da Vinci's inventions are to function again. On the trail of the genius, Valdo is no more aware of the secrets he is about to unveil as of the danger lurking in the dark."

A first-person, point and click adventure, Secrets of Da Vinci was developed in exclusive partnership with the Château du Clos Lucé, the estate that was formerly the Manoir du Cloux. The help of the owners has guaranteed "the utmost historical respect of the game, and has enabled perfect modelisation of the estate and Da Vinci's work."

For additional information about Secrets of Da Vinci, check our our recent preview and head over to the the game's official website.

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