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Atlus brings Touch Detective to North America

When Osawar Tantei Ozawa Rina was first revealed in Japan for the Nintendo DS, gamers were immediately captivated by its charming visual style, but an English release seemed unlikely at the time. Recently, however, Atlus announced that the re-named Touch Detective will also be released in North America.

According to the press release, the story centers around a young girl named Mackenzie. After her father dies unexpectedly, "Mackenzie inherits the family business: a renowned detective agency in a fantastic world populated by mechanized butlers and walking skeletons. With the aid of cheerful mushroom-man Funghi and robotic servant Cromwell, Mackenzie sets off to prove herself worthy of being called... the Touch Detective!"

Gameplay will include standard mystery adventure fare like gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and collecting useful items. Over the course of four separate cases that utilize the dual and touch screen features of the DS, players will "find a missing person, track down a stolen dream, and more!"

Touch Detective is scheduled for release in fall 2006.

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