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Uru Live revived on GameTap

GameTap today delivered the news that many Myst fans have been anxiously waiting to hear, with the announcement that Uru Live will be resurrected later this year.

On community life support after its official cancellation over two years ago, it seemed like the ambitious online multiplayer adventure from Cyan Worlds would never be able to fulfill its potential for ongoing content. However, this partnership ensures that the game will be updated with new episodic content on a regular basis. According to GameTap's General Manager Stuart Snyder, "Uru Live was ahead of its time, and now that technology has caught up with this visionary game, GameTap and Cyan are teaming up to bring it into the bold new world of broadband entertainment."

Unlike the original Uru Live, however, the new version of the game will be available only to subscribers of the entertainment network. GameTap gives subscribers access to a vast library of games and game-related media clips for $9.95/month. The service launched last fall as a resource that allows users to play hundreds of retro arcade, console, and computer games on their PCs via a broadband connection. Unfortunately, at this time the service is available only to U.S. residents. You can learn more about GameTap in our recent feature article, Adventures in GameTap.

No specific launch date for the new Uru Live has been announced, but the game is scheduled for release "this holiday season".

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