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Kheops Studio posts player survey

Kheops Studio, developer of VOYAGE, ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern, and the upcoming The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript, is asking what adventure gamers want to see in their games. To find out, the developer has posted a detailed user survey on their website.

CEO Benoit Hozjan hopes fans will use the survey to provide feedback on what they like and dislike in Kheops' games and in adventure games in general. "We always try to look at forums and reviews to improve our games," Hozjan says. "We hope that adventure gamers will follow us. The more answers we have, the better it will be for us to analyze their expectations."

The survey includes some technical questions about users' computers and Internet connections. However, the bulk of the survey focuses on the playing experience through questions about your use of hints and game manuals, your preferred interface, and what type of game universe you want to explore. The survey also features specific questions about each of Kheops' previous games, for those who played them.

Kheops has released five adventure games since its inception in 2004, and is expected to release three more this year. The company has shown a willingness to respond to fan feedback in the past, so now's your chance to help shape their future projects.

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