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Phoenix Wright restocked

After the loud outcry from gamers, Capcom has apparently decided to restock Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in US stores, according to a recent report by Gamespot. When it first shipped in October last year, the game was received very well by Nintendo DS owners and soon went out of stock. The situation got quickly out of hand when Phoenix Wright started appearing on online auction sites for nearly triple the original price.

If you've never heard of Phoenix Wright, it's an adventure game for the Nintendo DS that takes you into the courtroom as the top defense attorney, Phoenix Wright. Instead of going out and stealing objects for your inventory, as almost every classic adventure has had you do the past decade, you go out and gather evidence to support your client which can then be used in court. The courtroom is basically a big dialogue puzzle where lawyers get into a heated battle, all packed into a neat anime style.

Capcom advises gamers to check out their retailer of choice to see if they've already restocked the game. It has already been sighted in one online store and hopefully others will follow suit. For those in Europe eagerly awaiting the release of the title, and not in the mood to import, Phoenix Wright has a European release on the 31st of March.

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