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Awaken website launched

Chris Brendel is at it again. The independent creator of Lifestream and Shady Brook is well into development of his next title, Awaken.

In the new first-person, point & click adventure, the player assumes the role of William Thane. Already down on his luck, his day is about to get a whole lot worse. According to the official website, "You wake up. The last thing you remember was lying in bed at home. But you aren't home anymore. Looking around, you quickly establish four things: you're in a prison; your clothes are missing; your hands are tied; and you can't remember how you got here." To make matters worse, you'll soon find that you're trapped with six others -- one of whom is a psychotic killer.

Over the course of six hours, you'll need to piece together the clues to the killer's identity and escape before you become a victim yourself. Despite the danger and the limited timeframe in the game's plot, however, there are no ways for the player to die, and no actual time restraints.

There is no official release date projected for the game yet, but Brendel is targeting the second quarter of 2006 for the game's completion.

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