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Demo for 80 Days now available

For those anxiously waiting to travel the globe in 80 Days, the newest adventure from Frogwares, now's your chance to sample the journey, as today the English demo has been released. Weighing in over a hefty 650 MB's, dial-up users need not apply. For broadband users, the download is available from the usual sites like 3D Gamers and Gamers Hell.

The demo is fairly short, containing only a single goal, so its interactivity is not fully reflective of the final game. However, it'll put you in the shoes (or more accurately, slightly behind and over the shoulder) of Oliver Lavisheart, allowing you to freely roam the expansive city of Bombay, all fully rendered in real-time 3D.

Based loosely on the Jules Verne classic, 80 Days is set in 1899, and has Oliver racing to cross the world in a variety of creative vehicles. Seeking the patents to four inventions created by his eccentric uncle, Oliver will make stops in Cairo, San Francisco, Bombay and Yokohama. For more information about the game, be sure to read our E3 preview.

80 Days is due for release in North America near the end of October.

Details on 80 Days

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