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Fahrenheit selling well in Europe

Atari announced today that the sales numbers for Fahrenheit, their newly released and critically acclaimed interactive drama, has hit the upper reaches on the sales charts across Europe. The game was released simultaneously for the PC, Xbox and PS2 on September 16th, and has already hit #1 on the UK and German Xbox charts, as well as the German PS2 charts. In addition it is #2 on all platforms in France and on the PC charts in the UK.

Fahrenheit was originally to be released by Vivendi Universal, but their involvement on the game was cut last November, and Atari was announced as the new publisher the following February. A profitable decision for the company, as Fahrenheit could very well become one of the best-selling adventure games, or rather, interactive dramas, in some time.

Fahrenheit is known as Indigo Prophecy in America. Be sure to join Thursday's developer's chat with David Cage, the game's director.

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