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Myst teaches young students to be creative

In a recent story from BBC News, Tim Rylands, a teacher at Chew Magna Primary School, Bristol, UK, is using the adventure game Myst to teach his young pupils.

Running counter to the media frenzy over gratuitous sex and violence in video games, the students are actually learning from the game to develop visual language skills which, according to Rylands, help them to be more imaginative with problem solving in real life. It also fosters a more social and inspiring learning climate where the children can take their time putting their heads together to solve the game's many puzzles.

For his progressive endeavors Rylands was awarded the BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) honor this year for his use of technology as a teaching tool. Furthermore the school's national attainment levels have shot up dramatically. But most importantly, the direct results can be seen in the students themselves as they moan when class is over, not when it starts.

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