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The VOYAGE starts early

In a surprise move, The Adventure Company has shipped VOYAGE, Kheops Studio's new science fiction game, in advance of its previously-announced September release date. The game shipped in North America yesterday, August 16, and should be arriving at brick & mortar stores shortly. It can also be ordered through online stores such as Amazon, and directly from the publisher.

VOYAGE, which takes place in the early 1900s, is based in part on the space-themed writings of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. The game follows the adventures of Michel Ardan, an explorer who has arrived on the moon to find a landscape very different than the one modern players may be expecting. Before he can return to Earth, Ardan must find a way to repair his shuttle and befriend a mysterious alien race, the Selenites.

While you're waiting for the shuttle to land in your area, you can get a feel for the gameplay by trying the official demo. Also check out Adventure Gamers' recent preview, A History of the Selenites, which features concept art to whet your appetite.

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