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Sol705 campaign

Egyptian Prophecy goes mobile

Tetraedge Games, a mobile gaming company, has recently released Egyptian Prophecy for the Pocket PC, with additional plans for SmartPhone and Symbian versions in the coming weeks.

Originally developed for the PC by Kheops Studio and released in 2004, Egyptian Prophecy has the player take on the role of Maya, a magician sent by the Pharaoh Ramses II to oversee the raising of the Egyptian Sun-God Amon-Ra's colossal temple. The Pharaoh is dying and his only chance of survival is to please the powerful god by completing the temple. When Maya learns that a curse has been placed upon the temple, it is up to the player to investigate and discover who is behind the dark magic.

For ordering instructions and more information about the Pocket PC version, check out the Tetraedge website.

Tetraedge has previously released Atlantis Redux, and Return to Mysterious Island is currently in production for mobile devices.

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