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Sol705 campaign

Test VOYAGE cleared for launch

If you've ever wanted to get away from it all, now's your chance. The Adventure Company has just released a playable demo of the upcoming VOYAGE. The demo is 346 MB, and can be downloaded from sites like 3D Gamers.

Inspired by the works of Jules Verne and developed by Kheops Studio, the demo (and the rest of the game) centers around a trip to the far side of the moon -- a moon much different than the one modern science has revealed to us. In VOYAGE, players assume the role of Michel Ardan, who escapes his crashed space capsule to explore the moon's surface and "witness the explosion of plant life at dawn." Before long, Ardan encounters the desolate city of a highly-intelligent species, the Selenites, and discovers that unraveling the fate of that race may well be integrally linked to finding a way home.

Fans of Kheops' previous Verne-inspired adventure, Return to Mysterious Island, will be pleased to know that VOYAGE uses a similar inventory interface, in addition to adding a few new innovations. For more detailed information about the game, check out our recent E3 preview.

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