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Let the VOYAGE begin!

The Adventure Company has released a trailer for VOYAGE, Kheops Studio's upcoming game inspired by the science fiction novels of Jules Verne.

In VOYAGE, the player controls Michel Ardan, a turn-of-the-century explorer who has landed on the moon without the means of returning to Earth. His quest will include piecing together the events that led to his traveling companions' deaths, combing the eerie lunar landscape for supplies, and befriending a mysterious alien race. VOYAGE will feature an interface and inventory system similar to those in Kheops' acclaimed Return to Mysterious Island.

The trailer is about 37 MB and can be downloaded from http://www.3dgamers.com/dlselect/games/voyage/jttm_trailer_us_2005jul5.zip.html">3D Gamers. To learn more about the game, see our E3 preview.

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