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The First Mile available for purchase

On July 15th, Malinche Entertainment further carved out a place for modern-day commercial Interactive Fiction (and itself as an industry leader) with the release of its fourth game, The First Mile, on multiple platforms.

The First Mile is the first commercial horror-themed text adventure since Infocom's The Lurking Horror in 1987. For those thinking nothing has changed in the world of IF since then, think again. Malinche Implementor Howard Sherman claims the game "clearly demonstrates what modern technology is capable of. Thanks to the computing power available today, The First Mile is almost four times the size of The Lurking Horror in terms of gaming area with many more non-player characters than was found in that title. The game has nearly a dozen different endings and almost every puzzle has multiple solutions."

With the tagline, "Running out of gas can be hell", Malinche sets the stage for impending psychological terror in The First Mile by saying: "The back roads of Arkansas can be tricky, even under the best circumstances. An ominous red light on your dashboard forces you to take the next exit from Interstate Highway 40 West and navigate the dirt roads in search of the promised land of a gas station. The anticipation of a full tank of gas, a refreshing bottle of water and perhaps even some good food draws you into the sleepy little town of Dead Rock, Arkansas. Unfortunately for you, the town's name is well earned and it's not half as sleepy as it seems to be."

Malinche promises a diverse range of realistic and compelling characters, along with a wide array of hellish beasts to complement the 'trapped' atmosphere in The First Mile, in addition to providing a "full-blown puzzlefest in its own right with several challenges that will confront the player in every way imaginable."

A Folio Edition of The First Mile is available for $29.95 (U.S.) plus shipping worldwide, and can be played on virtually any modern computer, including versions for Windows, Mac, and Pocket PC, among others. As a new feature, the game is also playable on an iPod. It's also possible to download the Interactive Fiction version for $19.95, or the iPod version for $9.95. For ordering and more information, head on over to the Malinche website.

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