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80 Days site now live

The official site for Around The World In 80 Days is now up and running. Among other bits of info Frogwares is dishing out for now are some new screens, and this:

- based on Jules Verne's most read book!

- real time 3D universe;

- high level real time 3D engine, clothes animation, lip-synch, shaders, particles system, sound engine...

- new incredible gameplay combining investigation, exploration, and stealth;

- manage time, money, rest and food during your adventure;

- absolute interactivity: you will speak, run, jump, climb, disguise sleep eat and even bribe;

- 100 characters to meet and interact with;

- funniest dialogs in video game history;

- choose your level of difficulty: from tourist to raider;

- drive vehicles from Elephants to Airship

These features may seem like all too familiar terrain to any RPG gamer, but for the adventure genre it represents a radical departure from the typical 2D point-&-click formula. Be warned, however, about the site. It just might take about 80 Days as well for this Flash based behemoth to load up, even on your broadband connection ;-). 80 Days will debut later this year.

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