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Sol705 campaign

Bad Mojo hits gold status!

That award winning cult classic 'roach game' is now crawling (quickly) to store shelves and will very soon be available for $19.99 (USD) and rated 'T' for teen and up.

This special re-issued version (originally released in 1996) will feature optimization for contemporary PCs, improved graphics, a special hint system in every level, a 'making of' documentary that includes interviews with designers, movie commentary, 'behind the scenes' footage, and more goodies.

"In this bizarre and unique tale, 'mad scientist' entomologist Roger Samms has been temporarily turned into a cockroach, leading to gritty discovery and exploration that sucks you in with great visuals, and keeps you playing with a poignant story. Clever obstacles bar your progress in the dark and intricate world of a dilapidated San Francisco building."

Read up on this game by checking out our review, and scuttling over to the official game site.

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