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Mysterious Island goes gold!

The Adventure Company has announced that Return To Mysterious Island, from developer Kheops Studio (who also made The Egyptian Prophecy and Crystal Key 2), has reached gold status and will soon be on store shelves:

"The Jules Verne-inspired title will see players assuming the role of a young woman named Mina, who becomes stranded alone on a desert island while on a round-the-world sailing expedition. After building a home and a new life for herself on the island, Mina encounters the ghost of Captain Nemo, whose body is located in the nautilus at the bottom of the ocean. After exploring the island, locating hints and clues, and solving puzzles, players will eventually get to travel to the nautilus themselves, retrieve Nemo's body, and free his tortured soul with a proper burial."

For more on this game check out the interview with Benoît Josjan, the President of Kheops Studio, over at Warcry News Network.

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