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Conspiracies II in development

Greek developer Anima-PPD Interactive is preparing to begin production of the sequel to their 2003 FMV detective adventure Conspiracies. We spoke with Anestis Kokkinidis, the project manager, and it looks like the whole Anima team is preparing to make the sequel a much better game. A new real-time 3D engine has been developed (which was nearly a nine-month process, according to Kokkinidis) and promises cutting-edge new rendering techniques.

Filming for the sequel will begin on September 27th, and apparently this time around the video will be DVD-quality. Filming is scheduled to last into 2005. Conspiracies II, though it will feature the return of main character Nick Delios, is being written so that those with no knowledge of the first game will be able to understand and enjoy it.

Anima-PPD is hoping for a late 2005 release date, and is already speaking to publishers. Stay tuned to Adventure Gamers for continuing coverage of this promising detective adventure, and be sure to read our review of the first game.

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