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Sol705 campaign

E3 Update: Booby Trap screenshots

Well, the five of us (with one still to join) have made it to E3 safe and sound, and completely sleep-deprived. Another shot of adrenaline to go, please!

What better way to begin our journey, though, than a one and a half hour sitdown with Jane Jensen. She talked at length about Gray Matter and her upcoming Booby Trap. We will have a full-length preview for the game next week and discuss our interview in greater depth, but for now we are very pleased to be the very first site to show these screenshots of Booby Trap!



The above three screenshots are the game's "puzzle mode", while the bottom two are the "adventure mode" portion. We witnessed an early build of the game in action and were all very impressed with both what we saw, and what we heard from Jane. Those who are concerned by the screenshots that the game is all puzzle have nothing to be afraid of; we'll reveal more soon.

Check on Saturday to see where Booby Trap will rank on our E3 Hype-O-Meter, and keep checking in for more E3 updates!

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