TAC comments on Project Jane-J status

The Adventure Company today responded to our requests for comment on the recent news regarding Jane Jensen's new game being put on hold. Here is a transcript of our questions and their responses. Terse comments, to be sure, but we appreciate their response nonetheless.

(AG) Was the game still in pre-production, or was it in production phase?

(TAC) Yes, the game was in pre-production.

Was financial viability the reason for cancelling Project Jane-J?

We should clarify that the game wasn't cancelled; it was just put on hold.

Does this signify a return of TAC to lower-budget games, or is it too soon to draw conclusions? Is TAC still pursuing big-budget games in the style of Project Jane-J or Broken Sword 3?

The Adventure Company is always working on new projects to fit a wide range of budgets including value-priced titles and games in the premium retail price range.

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