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Official Aura site now live

The Adventure Company in partnership with developer Streko-Graphics Inc. has just launched the official site for Aura: The Fate Of The Ages, a classic point-&-click first person adventure scheduled for simultaneous release in Europe and North America for this June (Q2 2004) with a projected ESRB rating of E (Everyone).

Aura will place the player in four parallel worlds, each with their unique histories, atmospheres, and mysteries to solve. Within these worlds the story of the 'Keepers' is unfolded, and with it the legend of the magical rings they guard that, when combined with certain artifacts found in the four worlds, grant power and immortality to whomever undertakes the task. Aura will use a traditional mouse point-&-click interface, and the graphics approach the quality and richness of the titles from the Myst series.

Screenshots from the game can be found in the official site. More screens can be viewed at our own gallery. Stayed tuned for more breaking news on Aura here at AG.

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