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TAC ships The Egyptian Prophecy

The Adventure Company has announced that the The Egyptian Prophecy is now on its way to North America:

"This first-person adventure has an easy to use point-and-click interface with high quality cinematics, and integrated 3D real-time puzzles.

The Fate of Egypt lies in your hands. Embark on an amazing journey back in time to ancient Egypt as you attempt to uncover the hidden secrets behind a fascinating mystery. As your adventure unfolds, you must solve an array of ancient riddles that will help a dying Pharaoh to survive and restore Egypt to glory.

Captivated by an engaging story, gamers experience the many exotic locations and monuments of ancient Egypt, such as the Nile, Pi-Ramses, Memphis, and the Labyrinth of Ptah. The in-game encyclopedia teaches players to perform sacred Egyptian rituals, concoct potions and conquer evil entities. Powerful gods and a cast of intriguing characters relay important clues helping to unlock this ancient mystery."

For more information on The Egyptian Prophecy and to view the trailer visit the TAC website. Screenshots can be seen in our gallery.

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