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Progress report on new Tex Murphy game

Over at the Unofficial Tex Murphy fan site, Tex Murphy co-creator Aaron Conners has posted a progress report on his efforts to restart the series. Currently employed at Microsoft Games Studios, Aaron Conners is working together with Chris Jones on a prototype that they hope will convince publishers to fund a fully-fledged sequel to Tex Murphy: Overseer. Here's what Aaron had to say about the current state of development:

The past several months have been very productive and we now have a full team working on the engine, characters, and location graphics. On the story & design side, Chris and I have created a beautiful monster that we wrestle with on an almost daily basis.

Although the last three Tex Murphy games were created with full-motion video and live actors, Conners says the next game will be created in real-time 3D, though trying to get "as close as possible to FMV-quality". The art team is using the quality of the Max Payne 2 characters as a benchmark.

Conners & Co have made various attempts to resurrect Tex Murphy during the past year or-so. Plans for Tex Murphy Flash games, novels or radio theater seem to be on the back burner for now, in favor of trying to get a real sequel off the ground. Conners hopes to be able to make an official announcement soon.

Check out the Unofficial Tex Murphy forum for more Q&A on this project.

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