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Interview with Benoit Sokal on Syberia 2

Gameboomers has recently interviewed Benoit Sokal on his upcoming sequel Syberia 2, focusing on such key narrative aspects as the further developing storyline, Kate Walker's progress in her spiritual quest, and some of the new characters she meets on her adventures. The game's enhanced graphics engine is also discussed in addition to other technical improvements:

"All the characters that she left behind are talking really through her boss’s voice. What her boss is saying is, “she must come back - because that is what the reasonable thing to do is. Coming back home, coming back to what she knows and blah-blah-blah.” But, on the other side, she is going to meet a whole new bunch of people, during Syberia 2. This new cast of characters, what they are going to say to her is “that she is now a different person. That she is never going to go home again.

...We have to talk more in terms of a progression, rather than a revolution, in terms of the graphics. We are working with the same engine, but we have had more time to tweak it up a little bit. So we are going to have falling snow, added ice reflection…more dynamic lighting effects. The integration of the characters into the environment is better. Syberia 2 will also have better animation, more fluid animation. The clothing textures are improved."

Read the full interview here.

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