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TAC offers special deal on Mysterious Journey II

The Adventure Company has just announced that if you pre-order the upcoming Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon, you'll receive 1/2 off the price of its prequel, Mysterious Journey: Schizm, or any other game in their listings.

According TAC's press release, Mysterious Journey II continues the saga of Schizm:

"You are about to Embark on your next incredible ADVENTURE.

Initially believing that you alone have escaped a destructive war that destroyed your entire race , you soon discover a hidden region left untouched by conflict. Further exploration reveals a thriving civilization locked in struggle and the desolate world which surrounds their living oasis. It is here that you will discover what remain s of a stunningly beautiful world full of hidden secrets, exotic beauty and treacherous loyalties. Explore this world further and you will soon uncover the many mysteries that lie waiting to be unravelled.

Embrace this new challenge and allow your trained instincts and ingenuity to help you reveal the secrets of this mysterious journey. You alone must unlock the mysteries that hold the key to the rebirth of an entire civilization before it is lost forever."

Mysterious Journey II will be released on November 18. More details can be had here. If you decide to pre-order you must use the code MJ03 when you place your order online or by phone for this limited time special offer. Please note: Your entire order will ship

on November 26th, 2003.

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