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Martin Mystére interview

Adventure-Archive has interviewed Riccardo Cangini of Artematica about their upcoming adventure Martin Mystére. The game will be released for the Xbox in April 2004, while the release date for the PC is still unknown. A trailer is downloadable from Artemica's website.

Here's a clip from the interview:


Martin Mystére isn't the first adventure game after a comic series Artematica is working on. Especially the male fans might remember Druuna, your last adventure title with the extremely well-developed heroine. What about your new protagonist? What is he known for?


Martin Mystére is an international comic character, published in the USA by Dark Horse, in Italy by Bonelli Editore, and published in some other countries like France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Brasil, India, Turkey... At the moment, Marathon, a French animation company, is producing the TV CARTOONS SERIES that will be finished in 2003.

The hero is a detective specialized in any kind of strange mysteries like Avalon City, Excalibur, UFOs, aliens, who is Santa Claus, time travels and so on.


Watch Adventure Gamers as we will bring you more info on this promising, new adventure, as soon it is available.

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