Sanitarium re-released into Wal-Mart

For those who missed it the first time we reported it, the Dreamforge classic Sanitarium has been apparently re-released into Wal-Mart stores across the US for the budget price of $9.14. This is a jewel-case release, fully compatible with Windows XP, and says that it is published by XS Games. We can find no mention of this on the Internet, but we have personally confirmed its presence in the stores. This game is nearly impossible to find these days, so if there's a Wal-Mart near you be sure to snatch up a copy!

Details on Sanitarium

Adventure games by DreamForge

Sanitarium  1998

A journey through the depths of one man's consciousness to confront the demons from his past and escape the imprisonment of his mind.

101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor  1997

You’re one of the Dalmatian puppies being held prisoner by Cruella De Vil in her creepy old mansion.

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Chronomaster  1995

Join Korda, the Chronomaster, on his epic quest for justice! Find yourself on a mission beyond your wildest dreams in a future where magic and science co-exist.

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