More from Sean Clark on Full Throttle II

In the October 2002 issue of PC Gamer US, LucasArts director Sean Clark speaks for the first time about his new project Full Throttle II. He reveals some first glimpses of the story: "Ben, the leader of a biker gang, gets himself entangled in a greedy plan to destroy a town and, more importantly to Ben, all the roads. In the process of preserving this dingy corner of the world he meets, greets, and beats up a menagerie of tough and gritty characters, and goes toe-to-toe with a variety of other gangs. Oh yeah, and he gets to blow up a lot of stuff, too."

About the game's genre orientation: "FT2 is an adventure game at its core but we're using action elements as a means to create more immersion. [...] The first game tried to address this desire, but was limited by the technology available at the time. If that leads people to call the newer game a hybrid, or bemoan that it isn't a "pure adventure," so be it. Regardless of how you classify it, FT2 will be fun and unique."

Thanks to Mixnmojo for the news!

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