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Nintendo: People get bored

Satoru Iwata, the new president of Nintendo, has said some interesting things about the game industry, when he announced his ideas for the future of the company. He said: "We can't be optimistic about the game market. No matter what great product you come up with, people get bored. I feel like a chef cooking for a king who's full."

His predecessor Hiroshi Yamauchi, who is stepping down after having led the company for fifty years, added to this: "The element of surprise is critical. But delivering surprise is becoming extremely difficult. Game developers are running out of ideas."

Whether that is true remains open to debate. A lot of voices say that publishers simply won't fund anything that isn't guaranteed to be successful, which will spiral the game industry into more and more license-based titles and ‘tried-and-true’ sequels.

Yamauchi also said that developing games has grown too time-consuming and expensive. Nintendo hopes to set itself apart from other entertainment companies by ‘concentrating on creating better games’. Although no specifics were given on forthcoming Nintendo games, it was said that Nintendo won’t pursue online games as they are "still too limited in appeal".


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