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Broken Sword 3 preview

GamesRadar.com has posted a preview of Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon, due for release in the third quarter of 2003. Here's a snippet that clearly describes the gameplay we have all been wondering about:

Broadly speaking, The Sleeping Dragon's game mechanics separate into three elements; puzzle solving, which will be familiar to all fans of the previous Broken Sword games; exploration and stealth, a feature born out of the introduction of 3D environments; and Revolution's self-termed 'Action Events'. Most similar to Shenmue's QTE system, these are pre-scripted animations performed by the character during cut-scenes, and controlled by the player through a intuitive icon map, unique to each event. Events can be brief - for example, diving out of the way of a car - or longer, during the game's choreographed fight sequences. While perhaps not as freeform as some gamers might want, it maintains the cinematic flow that gave the studio its reputation. Also helpful is the game's distinctive, gently caricatured appearance.
Be sure to check out the handful of new screenshots included with the preview.

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