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Superstitious people may want to avoid black cats, but criminals should beware crossing John Blacksad, the anthropomorphic feline detective and titular star of the upcoming adventure game from Pendulo Studios. 



The word "adventure" (in the conventional sense) may conjure up images of globetrotting, swashbuckling escades, but the real adventure for all of us is life itself. Such is the premise behind the upcoming Old Man's Journey, a stylish "soul-searching puzzle adventure game" coming later this year.



Lots of us may be a little afraid of things that go bump in the night. But what if you're blind, and "night" is all you know... and the things going bump may just be trying to kill you? If that sounds scary enough, then the table is set for The Deep End Games' Perception, coming to PC and PS4 later this year.



Full motion video definitely isn't dead. Doctor Dekker is, though, and one of his patients killed him. In the upcoming FMV whodunit The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, it'll be your task to delve deeply into these troubled minds in order to deduce the culprit, hopefully without going mad yourself.



The world of Pan may involve lost boys, fairy dust, and pirate ships, but the world of Pan-Pan will involve broken spaceships, "environmental narrative storytelling" and "world-shifting riddles" when it launches this summer. It's twice the Pan!



The word "oxenfree" may conjure up images of carefree childhood days, but it will soon take on a more ominous tone in indie developer Night School Studio's upcoming adventure by that title.



Forecast: plenty of cold and snow ahead. That's not just a seasonal weather prediction, but the promise of a new episodic adventure set in severe wintry climes called Kôna, which is set to debut in January with its first installment, Day One.



We first heard about the collaboration between Telltale Games and Mojango on a new Minecraft: Story Mode adventure late last year, but until now no concrete details had emerged for an episodic series in which literally any story was possible. Now, however, the picture has started coming into focus.



What happens when sandbox world-building collides with a storytelling focus? We're about to find out, as Telltale Games and Mojango are joining forces for a new episodic games series called Minecraft: Story Mode.



As adventure gamers, we've all had those "aha!" moments where the light bulb suddenly switches on in our heads. But an indie Polish development team is taking that notion one step further: what if the light bulb is our head?!  That's the premise behind the quirky new point-and-click adventure Bulb Boy, currently raising funds through Kickstarter.



Her Majesty the Queen is looking to return the British Empire to its former glory by going where no empire has gone before (outer space, of course!), but she can’t do it without some help from her loyal subjects – and other adventure fans around the world.



Violett is the name of a young girl who follows a hole into a magical world of talking kettles, singing frogs and snails that can cook. But despite what you might be thinking, there are no white rabbits in sight in this protagonist's titular adventure.



It may be a slow time for big-name adventures right now, but that hasn't stopped the indies from cranking them out this month, with no fewer than four new releases in recent days. Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2



With 2012 behind us, it's out with the old, in with the new, as the first two adventures of 2013 have now been released in the form of Kentucky Route Zero: Act 1 and ASA: A Space Adventure.   Kentucky Route Zero



Indie developers Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy of Cardboard Computer haven't been letting the bluegrass grow under their feet since successfully crowdfunding their five-part adventure series Kentucky Route Zero, as the first episode is set to launch this December.

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