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It seems adventure game developers finally got the memo: this genre can be multiplayer too! The latest to venture into still-largely-uncharted territory is a two-player co-operative puzzler from Other Tales Interactive called Tick Tock: A Tale for Two.



Fairy tales warn us to beware wolves in sheep's clothing, so to speak, but what if the wolf just really wants to help correct a fateful mistake? Such is the basis for the upcoming fantasy side-scrolling adventure, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.



One thing we know for sure about ancient and/or alien civilizations in adventure games: they certainly do love their puzzles! Good thing for us, of course, as we get to follow in their tracks and figure out how everything works. This will be the case once again in indie German developer StickyStoneStudio's upcoming Memorrha.



Nazism and occultism have long been linked, and we'll soon get to explore that theory firsthand in indie Argentinian developer Diego Cánepa's upcoming pixel art action-adventure Nine Witches: Family Disruption.



PsychoDev's retro-styled Chronicle of Innsmouth proved to be a delightful blend of comedy and horror when it was launched last year. Now the indie Italian developer is back with more Lovecraft-inspired fun in Mountains of Madness, but a little more serious and looking bigger and better than ever. Assuming, that is, that its upcoming Kickstarter is successful.



You've heard of thinking outside the box? Well, get ready to think inside the cube in Neverout, a Portal-esque puzzler that has just been ported to new platforms. 



Kickstarter may not be the financial bonanza it once promised to be, but it's still a boon for indie developers like Dystopia Interactive, whose surreal first-person mystery 103 recently received enough crowdfunding support to continue towards its year-end launch target. 



Those who played last year's masterful Gorogoa got a taste of how zooming from one scene to another could lead to countless possibilities. Now indie Spanish developer DevilishGames aims to ramp up that mechanic significantly in its newly-released puzzler Path to Mnemosyne.



Holmes and Watson; Batman and Robin; Jake and the Fatman – world-renowned investigative pairs, all. But now a new, much furrier duo is preparing to take the stage, courtesy of indie developer Cave Monsters' upcoming debut adventure.



Not every game requires loads of comedy, action, or witty dialogue. Sometimes an adventure can be laid back, quiet, and thoughtful. Indie developer Morteshka's atmospheric The Mooseman aims to provide just such an experience, arriving on consoles now after its release on PC last year.



For such a visual medium, a surprising number of games have started using blindness as a central gameplay conceit in recent years. The latest such title to do so will make sighted people happy they can see, however, as indie Italian developer Lunar Great Wall Studios has pulled back the veil on its beautiful upcoming fantasy adventure Another Sight.



They may have fallen a little short the first time around, but indie developer Suzaku found success in their second Kickstarter campaign for Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, a mix of Blade Runner-esque dystopian science fiction with a classic J-Horror ghost story.



The biggest challenge facing many superheroes doesn't actually seem to be the evil foes they encounter, but rather how best to reconcile their superpowered identities with their mild-mannered concealed personas. This is especially true for the titular star of Deedema Games's upcoming Flipping Filip. 



What Portal did with spatial gateways, indie British developer Dan Smith hopes to do with colours when his first-person 3D puzzler The Spectrum Retreat launches on PC and consoles this summer.



Vancouver is a gorgeous Canadian coastal city filled with people... but the same most definitely cannot be said about the "dystopian retrofuturistic" Vancouver of EggNut's successfully crowdfunded stealth adventure, Backbone.

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