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Latest Adventure Games News - Linux page 3



If you're an astronaut, crash landing on an alien planet is about the worst thing that could happen. If you're a player behind a computer screen controlling said astronaut, however, it's a whole lot more fun, as we'll find out next year when two-man indie German developer ArtFactory Jalokivi release their debut adventure, AC-0209.



Adventure games are slow-paced by their very nature, with no big hurry to get where you're going. But what if you're going nowhere? What if your goal is simply to stay right where you are... for 400 years!? That's precisely what players will be tasked to do when indie German developer Studio Seufz releases The Longing later this year. 



A trip to see the aurora borealis is a worthy journey in its own right, but all the more so when it comes in a charming-looking family adventure like Nordlicht, a two-person German student project that is available now for PC and Android devices.



If you have fond memories of Rod Serling's classic Twilight Zone episodes on TV, then your next stop should be Gear Worx Productions' Mind Trap, a four-part psychological thriller anthology coming soon to Early Access.



It's all too easy for society to turn a blind eye to the problem of domestic abuse most of the time, but indie French developer Team NoLan has set its sights squarely on this sensitive subject with the debut episode of their point-and-click adventure serial, Come Back.



Next time some tells you to take a hike, instead of being offended (or actually going for one) you can happily comply by diving into Adam Robinson-Yu's relaxing exploratory adventure A Short Hike. 



With a few rare exceptions, Leisure Suit Larry is about as close as adventure games tend to get to pornography, but Petru Leontescu and a small group of developers are hoping to crank the sex level up a notch with The Hotel, a point-and-click indie adventure that is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 



Conducting a murder investigation isn't exactly the same as conducting a symphony orchestra, but the two will be inextricably linked in Kibou Entertainment's upcoming Blood Opera Crescendo, which is currently raising funds through Kickstarter. 



Dementia is no laughing matter, but indie developers RP Studios and Outriders are hoping it can serve as both an entertaining and insightful one in their upcoming short exploratory adventure, Back Then.



To be deprived of one's dreams is always a horrible prospect, but it's all the more terrible when one's dreams have the power to create worlds. This is the fate that threatens to befall the inhabitants of indie Austrian developer Phantom Fox Interactive's upcoming Children of Lumera.



What is the value of one's soul? Would you sell yours away to the devil for a second chance at a better life? And what might the consequences be if you do? These questions are at the heart of IndieBug's Demons Never Lie, an upcoming point-and-click adventure now seeking funding through Kickstarter. 



Becoming more like Christ is one of the central tenets of the Christian faith, but in indie developer Amir Matouk’s upcoming The Secrets of Jesus, players will get to go one step further by playing Jesus himself, albeit in a story that bills itself as featuring a fair amount of "black humour."



The days of Sierra-style text inputs may be long over for the most part, but indie developer Phil Fortier plans to revive the classic formula once again for his upcoming adventure Cascadia Quest – albeit updated somewhat with modern sensibilities. 



Getting a criminal suspect to crack under pressure isn't nearly as easy as TV makes it look. In indie Romanian developer Critique Gaming's upcoming Interrogation, players will find that out firsthand, needing all their conversational wiles if they're to bring down a growing terrorist organization. 



From Artifex Mundi to Eipix Entertainment, it seems like more and more casual game developers are making the leap to full-fledged adventure games these days. (The more the merrier, we say!) The latest to join in the point-and-click fun is Ukrainian developer Specialbit Studio, who have unveiled the details of their first adventure, Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest.

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