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Latest Adventure Games News page 1.9

March 2021


Usually adventure games are leisurely affairs, allowing players all the time in the world to overcome obstacles. But occasionally time is of the essence – like when you're shrinking and have to hurry before you're too small to reverse the process. Such is the case with Size Matters, a first-person adventure from Mazen Games that has just emerged from Early Access.



While many of us are looking forward to leaving the cold of winter behind, we'll gladly begin looking ahead to the next Antarctic co-op puzzle excursion from Total Mayhem Games, this one entitled We Were Here Forever. 



When you think of film noir, your first association probably isn't "futuristic VR robot mystery," but that's exactly what we'll be getting later this year in indie Israeli developer Peanut Button's upcoming The Secret of Retropolis.



Not all detective mysteries need to be long, complex investigations. Sometimes it’s nice to jump in, solve a case in one sitting, and then sit back and do other things until the next client walks through your proverbial door. Indie Hungarian studio RVL Games thinks so too, and to that end is currently finishing up development on the debut installment of a series of occult-themed “micro-adventures” called Classified Stories.



Why is it that when aliens come to our planet, they always head straight for a farm and rarely leave any indisputable evidence? In indie developer DEKLAZON’s upcoming first-person horror adventure, They Are Here, players will get to investigate one such rural UFO sighting for themselves and hopefully document conclusive proof once and for all.



Death is rare in adventure games, and when it does happen it often seems to be not an end but rather just the beginning of a whole new adventure. And that's equally true for animals as well as humans, as we're about to find out once again in indie developer Captilight's upcoming Path of Kami.



Normally the worst things you have to worry about on a camping trip are bugs and bad weather, but these are the least of the concerns for the protagonist of solo developer and composer Jeff Winner's Horror Story: Hallowseed, a psychological first-person thriller available now through Early Access.

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