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Latest Adventure Games News page 1.9

October 2019


Technology is great, isn't it? It advances so fast and adds so much to our lives... until it all goes disastrously wrong. You can find out for yourselves just how wrong it can go for one unfortunate family in Kamile: The Fall, a short interactive drama in five parts that has just debuted on Early Access.



Of all the challenges facing us today, one of the most absurdly perilous may just be navigating the tricky waters of political correctness. Next year, if indie Australian developer David Longo is able to raise enough funds through Kickstarter for his upcoming debut adventure, players will get to choose how to do that very thing in a satirically amusing way in Political Quest. 



Cats may have nine lives but people only have one, so a certain feline will need to travel to the underworld to save its human companion's soul in indie developer BOV's Cat and Ghostly Road, available now on Early Access.



Time travel has been the foundation of many an epic sci-fi tale. Swirl it into an anime mystery with more than a hint of romance and sex and you’re bound to have a hit on your hands, right? That’s exactly what happened when ELF Corporation launched YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world in Japan back in 1996. Despite its popularity in the East, however, it’s only now seeing an official English-language release, having been revamped by MAGES Inc. (formerly 5pb.) and localised by Spike Chunsoft.



Perhaps the only thing worse than an apocalypse is actually surviving one. Soon enough we'll be seeing another cautionary tale of just how difficult life will be for those who remain in indie Finnish developer Act Normal Games' upcoming Rauniot.



It's been nearly 30 years since we last saw Laura Bow, but she looks like she hasn't aged a day. In fact, the classic Sierra heroine has been given a serious makeover for an all-new adventure by indie developer NineZyme Entertainment, who have just pulled back the curtain on Laura Bow and the Mechanical Codex. 



When you look back on your life at its journey's end, what memories will you cling to, whether good or bad? Players will share in just such a reflection for one man when Spanish studio Piccolo's Arise – A Simple Story is launched later this year on PC and consoles. 



Amanita Design has been relatively quiet about its upcoming Creaks (which has slipped now to 2020), but perhaps one reason why is that the acclaimed Czech developer was busy making the newly-released Pilgrims on the sly.



The bad news is: Martha is dead. The good news is, her tragic passing is the focus of an upcoming psychological adventure from LKA, the Italian creators of The Town of Light.



Experiencing one's own dreams is surreal enough, but imagine finding yourself forced to visit other people's subconscious instead. Actually, there's no need to imagine as you can do just that in the newly-released psychological horror game 3rd eye. 



Beards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you'll get to try on a variety of different types next summer if indie developer Cleardot Games is able to secure Kickstarter funding for the upcoming RPG-styled adventure Who Stole My Beard?



Lots of adventure games task players with solving murders, but covering them up? That's a whole different story – or in the case of Blyts' newly-released Nobodies, eleven different stories.

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