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Latest Adventure Games News page 1.9

May 2019


The days of Sierra-style text inputs may be long over for the most part, but indie developer Phil Fortier plans to revive the classic formula once again for his upcoming adventure Cascadia Quest – albeit updated somewhat with modern sensibilities. 



The creators of The Unholy Society ask what would happen if "The Exorcist, Preacher, and Constantine had a baby?" We're hoping they mean figuratively, but in any case we'll find out later this year when CAT-astrophe Games releases their debut adventure on PC and consoles. 



Carl Jung posited the theory of individuation, in which the subconscious is instrumental in developing our conscious personalities. But what if our inner psyches are tormented by repressed horrors? This is precisely the terrifying scenario facing console gamers this summer when a port of The InnerFriend is released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox following its PC release last year. 

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