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Latest Adventure Games News page 1.9

November 2018


The Eurasian steppe may not be your first idea for an adventure-filled vacation, but that's exactly where players will be heading in indie developer Lewis Denby's upcoming Reality Falls. 



In the 1998 film Pleasantville, a small town in a black and white 1950s TV show was brought to life, slowly gaining color as its inhabitants began to come to grips with dormant inner desires repressed by staid, inflexible values. In a somewhat similar vein, restoring hues to a monochromatic world is at the heart of indie developer Jason Godbey's upcoming Discolored (albeit through much different means).



Virtual reality continues to be a go-to source for modern puzzlers, the latest being Secret Location’s newly-released Transpose. 



Adventure games are typically intended to be calm, leisurely affairs, but indie developer The Serene Adventurer’s upcoming Cerynitii promises to be even more relaxing than most.



There have been many damsels in distress rescued by brave knights or other male adventurers over the years, but the tables have turned in Benjamin Rommel Games' Monkeys & Dragons, a retro-styled point-and-click adventure to be released on Steam Early Access later this year.



Step aside, Spider-Man. Move over, Batman. Make way for... the Clam Man? Well, yes. He's no superhero, but he is the eponymous star of his own upcoming point-and-click adventure from the appropriately named three-man Finnish studio Team Clam. 



Usually expansive, beautiful 3D worlds are the exclusive domain of big-budget titles, but indie German developer Jonas Manke of Studio Inkyfox hopes to finish creating Omno for a whole lot less, though the game will still need some crowdfunding help to complete.



The Land of the Dead has already been host to one outstanding classic (perhaps you've heard of Grim Fandango?), but CMMN CLRS is hoping there is plenty more enjoyment to be found in the afterlife in the indie German developer's upcoming "creepy-but-cute" point-and-click adventure PRIM.

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